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Requinto - Little Campfire Guitar

Requinto - Little Campfire Guitar

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Pyrit Music Presents a brand new product: Requinto Little Campside Guitar VSTI.requinto guitar is a smaller version of a classical guitar, with a scale length between 52-54cm. The requinto guitar is traditionally used in guitar orchestras, along with other sized guitars. The Requinto is also used in ecuadorian culture, and their national songs like pasillos and boleros, where the requinto plays a very big role in improvisation.

To create Requinto, we sampled an authentic Requinto Guitar made in Mexico to give you the best real ethnic sound. We have sampled this impeccably crafted instrument in 6 different ways to bring you a variety of color in your productions. With a very simple and user friendly interfaceRequinto is designed to be a go-to acoustic guitar that you can quickly adjust to fit your sound. The high quality sounds included have been specially formatted to maintain a low CPU and HD-space requirement. Just select a preset from the built in preset browser and create!We have also included a collection of 5 natural texture sounds to give your scores ambience and realism.EffectsRequinto Little Campside Guitar includes a select collection of effects that are tailored to accompany your playingGain, Tuning, Width, Vibrance (enhances color and saturation as well as adds a very light reverb), Attack, and Release control.PresetsRequinto Little Campside Guitar includes 6 HQ presets.1. Clean2. Close3. Muted4. Pad5. Slap6. SoftYou can also save your own custom presets to use later.


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