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Native Flute

Native Flute

$19.99 $9.99

Download Includes:

  • VST3 & 64 Bit VST Plugin for WIN & MAC

  • Audio Unit Plugin (AU) for MAC

  • Usable in all DAWs except Pro Tools

  • 259. MB Download File Size PC + Mac

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Infinit Audio' Presents Native Flute VSTI. We sampled a old wooden flute and added some light Processing to give you the best real ethnic sound. This flute truly is One of the best flutes for the trap genre. We sampled 7 different articulations from the native flute to make it easy for your production. This virtual plugin has a very simple and intuitive interface. Native Flute is very low on CPU and HD Space. load the presets in just a click and start getting creative.


Bansuri Flute also comes with a simple custom collection of effects such as Cutoff Filter, Reverb, Wind, Dynamics, Attack, Release.


Native Flute Comes With 8 HQ Presets + Bonus Native Flute Oneshots

1. Native Sustained

2. Native Stacc

3. Native Phrase 1

4. Native Phrase 2

5. Native Phrase 3

6. Native Phrase 4

7. Native Phrase 5

8. WInd Texture

9. Bonus Native Flute One Shot Pack


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Tue 07, Feb 2023 (1 day ago)
I was looking for just the right sound for my new song. Searching various flutes, and found, then purchased Native Flutes. I am quite happy with rhe sound and it fit well in the composition.
Sun 05, Feb 2023 (3 days ago)
Such a good instrument, NN has great sounds!