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⦁ You will be able to Sell Beats & Drumkits @ 0% Commission Rate (Keep All Your Earnings) across multiple beat stores & sound banks around the world!

⦁ Since these stores are already generating traffic, this will allow you to make money while you use our tools to learn the BeatMaking & Producer Industry!

⦁ You will receive instant access to every kit, preset, loop, sample, effect or instrument we have ever made & will ever make! We upload atleast 2 new kits every week! 10s of 1000s of sounds at your fingertips & all 100% royalty free!

⦁ You will receive Exclusive Content/Kits made for our Members Only!

⦁ Get training documents, videos & tools to help you maximize your beatmaking, marketing & branding potential! This ‘Members Only’ course will take you from the very beginning stages of production (mixing, exporting audio, creating drum kits, etc) to more advanced business techniques (marketing, branding, revenue streams, etc) as well as show you how to work more efficiently!

⦁ We will also have a host of Site Content so you’re never in the dark. It will cover our most FAQ, have a ‘How To’ guide for your Dashboard & cover all concerns you may have!

⦁ Receive FREE uploads to our own YouTube Channel as well as our Partner Channels!

⦁ You will receive Exclusive ‘Members Only’ Invites to compete in contests for CASH & gift prizes!

⦁ You will also receive unique promotional codes to get discounts on things like studio equipment, marketing tools/apps, merchandise, free tools & information, etc.

⦁ Receive Photoshop Templates, Presets & Backgrounds to use for your beat, kit & video artwork!

⦁ Some included items are Drumkit Box Template, Logo Templates, Backgrounds, Banner Templates, Avatar Templates, Artwork Templates, YouTube Video Templates (Video & Thumbnail Image), Artists Cutouts & more!

All of these items are fully customizable!

⦁ You will also receive After Effects Visualizer Templates, YouTube Templates, Instagram Templates (Post & Story) & more!

All of these items are fully customizable!

⦁By signing up you receive FREE promo on ALL Social Media Platforms by any of our stores or partners!

⦁We have opportunities for beat placements come across our desk regularly. You will receive exclusive opportunities for these beat & song placements! This includes TV/Video, Podcasts/Blogs, & Artists placements!

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Sell Your Beats & Drumkits | Make Money | Learn The Business​

We will provide you with all the tools necessary for you to succeed! You will be able to earn money from your music while you’re learning! Get your Beats & Kits placed on websites that already have traffic, receive free promotion & promotional tools, honest feedback from professionals and fans & free sounds for life! Learn the ins & outs of the Online Beat Selling Market with step by step instructions!

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