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Ultimate Bedroom Producer Bundle

Ultimate Bedroom Producer Bundle Box

This Bundle has 112 total construction kits! These kits contains 1123 WAV Loops, 1801 One-Shot Samples, 100s of presets & nearly 1000 MIDI loops!

Packed with over 11GB of harmonies, melodies, basses, pads & choirs, percussion + all the MIDI you can handle! Since all of our kits are exported in MIDI & WAV format, you are able to have full control over each loop, sample & effect!

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We all know creating unique & dope music is a major factor but marketing plays just as big, if not an even BIGGER factor in your success!

We also know how expensive it can be to REALLY begin branding & marketing yourself. This is why we have created & included TONS of Adobe Resources for you to create a brand with! From banners to music & audio spectrums, we have created the perfect blend of marketing tools that are easily customized to your name, brand, website, social media, etc!

After Effects Resources

Audio/Music Spectrums

-15 Audio/Music Visualizers

-Perfect for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

-Templates for Post, Story & Full Screen

-100% Customizable

-Easy To Use/Drag & Drop

Photoshop Resources

Artwork Templates

-20 Artwork Templates

-Perfect For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

-Templates for Post, Story, Banner, Thumbnail

-100% Customizable

–Easy To Use/Drag & Drop

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Purchase today & also receive 2  FREE bonuses!

Bonus #1

Record Label/A&R Contact List

Our personal Record Label Contact List! Not only does it include label contacts but direct A&R contacts as well! This list includes some of the dopest & largest record labels on the planet like Atlantic, Roc Nation, Def Jam, Aftermath & 100s more!

Bonus #2

Music Industry Contracts

Being Music Producers ourselves, we understand how hard it is to know if you’re 100% covered when you sell a beat, post a beat to YouTube, get radio play, etc. This is why we have also included our own personal vault of Music Industry Contracts. These contracts will have you covered no matter the situation!

Lets Look At That Again

✔️ Ultimate Bedroom Producer Bundle (Regular Price = $239.19)

  • 112 Construction Kits
  • 1801 Samples
  • 1123 WAV Loops
  • 805 MIDI Loops
  • 11.2Gb of Content
  • 5356 Total Files

✔️ After Effects Resources (Regular Price = $500)

  • 15 Music/Audio Spectrums
  • Instagram Post, Story & YouTube
  • 100% Customizable
  • Easy To Use/Drag & Drop

✔️ PhotoShop Resources (Regular Price = $150)

  • 20 Artwork Templates
  • Post, Story, Banner & Thumbnail
  • 100% Customizable
  • Easy To Use/Drag & Drop

✔️ Record Label Contact List (Regular Price = $50)

  • Hundreds of Industry Contacts
  • Most Prominent Record Labels In The World
  • Direct A&R Contact Info

✔️ Music Industry Contracts (Regular Price = $50)

  • Keep yourself safe from Industry Rats
  • Know the laws of Music Business

That’s $989.19 worth of Music Production Tools & Marketing Resources for only $20!

Step Up Your Production & Marketing Today!