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Ultimate MIDI Collection 2

Ultimate MIDI Collection 2

$233 $24

Regular Price: $233.00

8 MIDI Packs

-250 MIDI Loops

-250 Corresponding WAV Loops

-5 Construction Kits

4 Free Bonuses

-808 Pack ($20 Value)

-Drum Pack ($20 Value)

-Vocal Pack ($50 Value)

-Gift Card ($25 Value)

Total Files: 964

Total Size: 2.88GB (Unzipped)

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Dive into a pool of MIDI with the Ultimate MIDI Collection 2 Bundle!

How is your MIDI Collection stacking up? It can always improve & we have the perfect MIDI Bundle for the job! The Ultimate MIDI Collection 2 Bundle is hardly your average MIDI Pack. We've designed each pack to evoke a specific emotion from a specific instrument.

The result?


By hyper-focusing on 1 emotion and 1 instrument, we are able to capture the real and raw feel of Flutes, Guitars, Pianos & more! This Real & Raw feeling then transfers to your music whenever you use one of our MIDI Loops. This does not mean these loops will only work for one instrument. We've found if you Mix & Match your MIDI to different instruments, the possibilities for creativeness never end!

How does it work? It's Easy:

-Download the Ultimate MIDI Collection 2

-Select an instrument in your DAW

-Drag & Drop any MIDI Loop on your instrument track


-watch the speakers and house burn down around you from the FIRE you just created...

That was a bit exaggerated, but you get the point!

Grab the Ultimate MIDI Collection Bundle today and you'll Save Major Money & Gain Major Production Value!

Packs Included:

Amnesia Guitar MIDI

Organic Guitar MIDI

Timeless Piano MIDI

Concerto Piano MIDI

Soul Searching Piano MIDI

Introspection Piano MIDI

Buffalo Head Flute MIDI

Deep Waters Synth MIDI

+ 4 Bonus Items


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Mon 31, Oct 2022 (4 months ago)
It's my favourite collection and I've got quite a few.
Thu 28, Apr 2022 (11 months ago)
Great collection. Worth much more than the small price I paid for it!


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