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Tactures - Textured Drone Engine

Tactures - Textured Drone Engine


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Tactures - Textured Drone Engine Windows - VST3 Mac - VST3 & AU 20 Stock Presets 30 HQ Textured WAV Samples Compatible with all DAWS (excluding Pro-Tools) Easy Install & Manual

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Turn ANY Textured Sample Into A Playable Instrument!

Do you ever wish you could take a piece of your everyday life and turn it into music? Something that is uniquely you? Meet 'Tactures - Textured Drone Engine' which was designed to do specifically that!

'Tactures - Textured Drone Engine' does something magical, it allows you to express your lifestyle through audio via your own experiences. It does not require any fancy equipment, no expensive studio time & you don't even need High Quality recordings. In fact, some of the best results of this technique came with recordings from a cell phone. All you need is yourself, to be present in any given moment and to hit record on any audio recorder!

Now that you've captured the ambience of YOUR LIFE, let's turn it into something you can use to create unique & textured Drones, Pads & Atmospheric with!

'Tactures' makes this effortless. With an easy-to-use interface, it's simple to load your own audio files into the Sampler. Then, using Bell Curves placed perfectly to tune your sample, you can Boost & Blend up to 8 different frequencies to get a unique sound. This is where your textured audio file finds it's meaning & it's purpose. Blend this newly formed Lifestyle Textured Sample with multiple Oscillators and FX to achieve the Textures & Atmospheres of your Dreams.

Turn your Lifestyle into your Art. Use 'Tactures - Textured Drone Engine' in your next project.


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Thu 26, Jan 2023 (2 months ago)
Love to create atmospheres and running patterns that blend into the background with my music and this plugin fits the bill perfectly on all fronts! will use this on many upcoming tracks
Tue 17, Jan 2023 (2 months ago)
Very good stuff, as usual for NEW NATION quality. The GUI and the colors are very well received AGAIN!