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Mutahad - Premium Sample Library + FREE VST

Mutahad - Premium Sample Library + FREE VST

$75 $40

Library Includes:

Construction Kits

- 5 Full Beat Constructions

- 5 Demo Beats

- 32 MIDI Loops

- 44 WAV Loops

- 29 One-Shot Samples

Drums & Percussion

- 230 Total Loops

- 504 Total Samples

- 16 Different Instruments (Shakers, Rattles, Cymbals, Hand Drums, etc)

Instruments (Melodic)

- 186 Total Loops

- 98 Total Samples

- 11 Different Instruments (Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Flutes, Violin, etc)


- 120 Total Vocals

- Modern & Traditional Styles

- Single Words, Short Phrases, Harmonizing, Background & Loops



- Spanish Inspired Guitar


- 2.75GB File Size

- 1,336 Total Files

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Let's face it, achieving an original sound in todays Hip Hop & Trap market is a tough task. Not only that, but even when you try to purchase tools to help you achieve your sound, it's just re-packaged sounds from other sources. This is why we created the "Mutahad Premium Sample Pack" with 100% Real, Authentic & Original Sounds, Samples & Loops!

Step out of your comfort zone with the "Mutahad Premium Sample Pack" & become a better Producer & Beat Maker! This pack is LOADED TO THE RIM with nearly 3GB of Loops, Samples, Vocals & Sounds inspired by Artists & Musicians from all across the globe. With a heavy influence from the East, you can expect to hear tons of unique instruments & sounds including Guitars (Acoustic, Banjo, Mandolin, etc), Flutes (Native, Bass, Piccolo, Concert, etc), Violins, Tablas, Khanjira, Ghungurs, Modern & Traditional Middle Eastern Vocals + many more!

This ENORMOUS Pack is broken into 5 Parts:

Part 1 - Construction Kits

Part 2 - Drums & Percussion

Part 3 - Instruments

Part 4 - Vocal Pack

Part 5 - FREE BONUS!

Lets discuss each section & let you know what you can expect.

Construction Kits

Here you will find 5 Full Beat Constructions. A Construction Kit is a great tool for Producers to really see, hear & learn how a specific beat was put together using the Stems & Samples. Each Construction Kit will contain a Demo Beat, MIDI Loops, WAV Loops & One-Shot Samples used to create said beat. These are 100% fully functional with any & every DAW as each file is exported in a HQ WAV file. Simply Drag & Drop these files into your DAW & listen to the magic happen!

NOTE: Each of these beats are in the Audio Demo for this kit!

Drums & Percussion

Sick of the same old drum sounds you hear on every track? SAY NO MORE! This Drum & Percussion back is PACKED with Unique Eastern & Native Percussion Instruments, Loops & Samples to help amplify your bounce & beats! Inside you will find 16 different percussion instruments, each recorded by our Live Musicians from around the world. Each instrument includes Loops + One-Shot Samples.

Also included in the Drums & Percussion section are 5 Full Drum Racks. These racks contain WAV Loops & Samples specially curated to sound perfect together! Simply place these sounds in your drum machine or sampler and make a great Drum Track in no time!

The last section in Drums & Percussion are the 25 Custom Crafted 808 Samples. These 808 Bass Samples are exclusive to the "Mutahad Premium Sample Pack" & will make any beat bump! All 808s are tuned perfectly to the key of C so you can easily use it in your tracks.

These are 100% fully functional with any & every DAW as each file is exported in a HQ WAV file. Simply Drag & Drop these files into your DAW & listen to the magic happen!


Need to find a unique sound that will set your apart from other Producers? LOOK NO FURTHER! We have you covered with 11 Different & Unique Melodic Instruments to help you surpass your competition. Instruments include, but not limited too, Guitars/Plucks, Flutes, Violins, etc. This not only gives you unique Melodic Loops to work with but also the samples to create your own instruments! . Each Instrument contains a minimum of 10 Loops & 5 Samples. In total, you will have nearly 200 Melodic Loops & 98 Samples. 

These are 100% fully functional with any & every DAW as each file is exported in a HQ WAV file. Simply Drag & Drop these files into your DAW & listen to the magic happen!

Vocal Pack

Honestly, this is our favorite part of the pack. After all, who doesn't like a beat with a great vocal sample, right!? Here you will find 120 Original Eastern World Vocals (Modern & Traditional Styles). These Vocals are broken into groups (Single Words, Short Phrases, Harmonizing, Background & Loops). This gives you a ton of different options and vocal types to work with. Simple Chop and Pitch a Single Word Vocal for quick effect OR mangle a Background Vocal to create something super unique!

These are 100% fully functional with any & every DAW as each file is exported in a HQ WAV file. Simply Drag & Drop these files into your DAW & listen to the magic happen!


And now its time for your FREE BONUS! With your purchase you will receive nearly 3GB of content but you will also receive a FREE SPANISH INSPIRED ACOUSTIC GUITAR VST! Yes, that's right! You will receive a FREE GUITAR VST with your purchase of "Mutahad Premium Sample Library" today! This guitar was sampled from the pack itself! It will be available in VST2 or VST3 (32 & 64 bit) and has been tested to work with most DAWs & Operating Systems!

It's time we take your Career & Productions to the next level. Step your Trap & Hip Hop game ALL THE WAY UP with the "Mutahad Premium Sample Library" today!


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Tue 21, Feb 2023 (1 month ago)
This Sample package does provide so much various World sounds to keep you going for a while and mix some really interesting sounds. Being a beginner, I am just at the start of encountering the options. Great value!
Thu 23, Jun 2022 (9 months ago)
The construction kits are for 130, 140, 88, 170 and 143 bpm (most half-time). Most instrument loops have a midi to show the notes, but not all of them (which I would have liked) What it has though is one shots of the instruments, so that you can use similar sounds by transposing. The percussion folder has a nice surprise, with less frequent instruments by name instead of perc001, perc002... so you have bell chains, cajun drums, clying bells, ghungur, khanjira and a few other instruments I'll have to google just to know how they look. Among melodic instruments we have flutes (american native, chinese, bass, piccolo, concert), banjo, sitar, mandolin and two guitars (nylon and steel) with one shot samples and loops. The vocal pack includes singing single words, short phrases, harmonies and so on. What I wish is that there were either lyrics or English translations so that people who understands the language don't go WTF if I combine some nonsense. The guitar is nice enough, at least it sounds like one, and it includes filter, chorus, reverb and delay effects on it.


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