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808 Machine

808 Machine

$39.99 $29.99

Product Details:

60 808 & Synth Bass Presets in Total

Includes Demons 808 Expansion Pack

Bonus: 50 808 MIDI Loops

Windows & MacOS

Works In All Daws except Pro Tools

753MB Of Content PC + Mac (Zipped)

760MB Of Content PC + Mac (Unzipped)

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Studio Trap & Pyrit Music present 808 Machine 2.0. The hardest hitting 808/Bass plugin of 2022 influenced by Top industry artist & producers.

808 Machine 2.0 was completely re-designed from scratch with more advanced control options.

Effects include: Dynamic Parametric EQ, ADHSR Controls, Octave, Low & High Pass Filters, Compressor, Degrade and the secret “Slap Knob” that will give your 808s that extra Sauce!

With dozens of Hard Hitting Instruments to choose from there are endless possibilities as to what you can achieve for making influential trap beats  

Bonus content included is our 'Demon's' 808 Expansion Pack and (50) 808/Bass MIDI Patterns that are drag and drop ready into your DAW of choice for instant beat making inspiration!


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Mon 16, Jan 2023 (3 weeks ago)
Come on, It's an 808. If you don't have an 808 vst, then get this 808 vst. If you do have an 808 vst, then get this vst for the variety. And if you don't want to get an 808 vst, buy it as a gift for a friend. Then drop some more Bass!
Tue 09, Aug 2022 (5 months ago)
Really nice and quick little plugin to get your 808's going. Big preset library with various styles and some customization even if some controls are a little iffy. For the price, and especially if on sale, I think it is really good value for money and really nice for quick workflow.


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