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8 Pack MIDI Bundle
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3 Exclusive Free Bonus Items

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Premium Collection with over 400
MIDI + WAV Loops, Drum Samples, 808s & more!

Become MIDI Royalty when you grab the ROYAL FAMILY MIDI BUNDLE!

How is your MIDI Collection stacking up? It can always improve & I have the perfect MIDI Bundle for the job! The ROYAL FAMILY MIDI BUNDLE is hardly your average MIDI Bundle. I've jammed over 400 MIDI + WAV Files including Smooth Piano Chord Progressions, Knocking Brass Melodies & Tear-Jerking String Sections. I wanted you to be able create realistic instruments in a minimal amount of time.

The result?


By hyper-focusing on 1 emotion and 1 instrument, I'm able to capture the real and raw feel of Horns, Strings, Pianos & more! This Real & Raw feeling then transfers to your music whenever you use one of my MIDI Loops. This does not mean these loops will only work for one instrument. I've found if you Mix & Match your MIDI to different instruments, the possibilities for creativeness never end!

How does it work? It's Easy:
-Select an instrument in your DAW
-Drag & Drop any MIDI Loop on your instrument track
-watch the speakers and house burn down around you from the FIRE you just created...

That was a bit exaggerated, but you get the point!
Grab the ROYAL FAMILY MIDI BUNDLE today and you'll Save Major Money & Gain Major Production Value!

Packs Included
Royal Family MIDI - Horns 1
Royal Family MIDI - Horns 2
Royal Family MIDI - Keys 1
Royal Family MIDI - Keys 2
Royal Family MIDI - Keys 3
Royal Family MIDI - Keys 4
Royal Family MIDI - Strings 1
Royal Family MIDI - Strings 2

Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses
1. Drum Pack
2. 808 Bass Pack
3. $25 Gift Card

Preview the experience of "Royal Family MIDI Bundle"

Each Loop or Sound you here is from MIDI or Samples included in this bundle
Key Demos


more previews:

  •    976
  •    977
  •    978
  •    979
  •    980
  •    981
String Demos


more previews:

  •    983
  •    984
  •    985
  •    986
  •    987
  •    988
Horn Demos


more previews:

  •    990
  •    991
  •    992
  •    993
  •    994
  •    995
FREE Drum & Bass Demos


more previews:

  •    997
  •    998
  •    999
  •    1000
  •    1001
  •    1002

Enjoy 3 Exclusive FREE BONUS Items including

Drums Samples, Bass Samples & a $25 Gift Card

Bonus #1

Drum Pack: 55 Drum Samples

Let's add some extra flare and bounce to your new productions with this FREE & EXLCUSIVE drum pack! Inside you will find Hats, Claps, Snares, Kicks & Percs to enhance the very core of your tracks.

Bonus #2

Bass Pack: 10 Bass Samples

Now that your drums are on point, let's add some slap with these 10 FREE EXCLUSIVE Bass Samples! These custom-made 808s will add rumble and power to the low-end of your productions.

Bonus #3

Gift Card: New Nation Website

To help you add some more sounds to your library, here is a $25 gift card to our SHOP! This Gift Card is valid for all items on our SHOP Page (Drum Packs, Construction Kits, Preset Banks, MIDI Packs, etc) and our VST Page (All Plugins). The only items excluded are the items on our SALE PAGE (like this one here) as these are already heavily discounted.

NOTE: $25 purchase minimum

Works With Your Favorite DAW & Sampler

FL Studio
Logic Pro
Studio One
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8 Pack MIDI Bundle
Regular Price: $217.00
SALE PRICE: $19.00
Total Savings: $198 Saved (91% Off)
3 Exclusive Free Bonus Items

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it`s the shit!


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Love the Deal and with the sounds I need..