Lofi Jamz - Complete Lofi Sample Pack
Real Flutes, Guitars, Pianos + Synth Instruments & More!

Keep the chillness rolling with the perfect Lofi Instrument Pack! Lofi Jamz Complete Sample Kit offers a variety of instruments to loop or sample including Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Flutes, Horns/Brass, Grand Piano, Rhodes Piano & more! You'll find everything you need for your next chill studio session!

It took us months & a lot of $$$ to be able to bring you the perfect kit. This mix of smooth Live Instruments & warm Analog Synths creates the ultimate lofi pack. Inspired by the likes of Knowlxdge, Eevee, Chilled Cow, Post Malone, Juice Wrld, XXXTentacion, Tomppa Beats, Big Jon & more so you know the sounds are a vibe!

Advance your Lofi Productions with the Lofi Jamz Complete Sample Pack & keep the vibe going!

Feel The Real Of "Lofi Jamz"

These sounds were created & handpicked just for this pack!
Real Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele Demos


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  •    154
  •    155
  •    156
  •    157
  •    158
  •    159
Real Keys & Piano Demos


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  •    161
  •    162
  •    163
  •    164
  •    165
  •    166
Real Flute & Woodwind Demos


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  •    169
  •    170
  •    171
  •    172
  •    173
Synth Pads & Atmospheres


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  •    176
  •    177
  •    178
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  •    180

Includes 5 Exclusive FREE BONUSES

You won't find these bonuses anywhere else!

Bonus #1

Lofi Jamz: Textures & Soundscapes

This includes 20 unique Textures & Soundscapes. Textures include a blend of Tape, Vinyl, Cityscapes, Nature & more! These textures will add some very cool & unique flavor to any production!

  •    Textures & Soundscapes Demo

    Textures & Soundscapes Demo

Bonus #2

Lofi Jamz: Percussion

These house-recorded Lofi Percussion sounds & loops will help take your productions to the next level. Loaded with 100 percussion loops including Drum Rubs, Clam Percs, Shakers, Tambourines & more, you wont have any issues finding the right drum sounds & samples!

  •    Lofi Percussion Demo

    Lofi Percussion Demo

Bonus #3

Lofi Jamz: Construction Kits

We've also included 8 Full Construction Kits. These kits are loaded with WAVS, MIDI, Samples & Demo Beats for each! These construction kits will easily give you inspiration for your next Lofi studio session & more!

  •    Construction Kits Demo

    Construction Kits Demo

Bonus #4

Lofi Jamz: Extra Instruments

This bonus includes a bunch of Synth Instrument Samples, Bass Samples, Extra Flute Sounds & Loops + more! Loaded with over 100 samples, you can create even more with the Lofi Jamz - Complete Sample Pack!

50 Synth Samples
25 Bass Samples
24 Flute Loops & Samples

Bonus #5

Lofi Jamz: Gift Card

Enjoy a $25 Gift Card on us! This will be valid for any and every product on our Shop Page. This includes all construction kits, preset packs, MIDI Packs & BUNDLES!

"Lofi Jamz" Complete Sample Pack Specs


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